Working Among the Lepers

In 1987 the Lord burdened Dr. Paul Victor's heart for the 4.5 million lepers in India. Millions of lepers live in misery, begging from house to house for their daily food. Medical science is still seeking a cure for this infectious disease that disfigures and destroys fingers, toes, ears, nose, and other parts of the body. The Lord has blessed the work among those suffering from leprosy since 1987 and many have opened their hearts to the Gospel and the love of God. One learned from a medical doctor that children born to parents suffering from leprosy will usually e saved from leprosy if thy are removed from the colony for patients of leprosy before they reach puberty. Now many children from parents suffering from leprosy live in our orphanages and study in our Christian school. Many people are suffering and in the process, they are losing their hands, legs, eyes, noses, and finally, they are dying. One thing in their lives to feel happy about is that they accepted Jesus and are going to be with the Lord. Praise the Lord! 

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