Temple Baptist Seminary

The Lord Jesus Christ was always moved when He saw the multitude. In Matthew 5:1-3 we read that after the multitude left, He called students (whom He called disciples) and started a Bible school. This type of training is greatly needed in our day- preparing laborers, servants of God, to go into the areas of greatest need to bring the Good News of our Savior. The Temple Baptist Seminary was started in 1987 at Visakhapatnam, South India. We now have 35 students and are praying that God will increase that number to 100 Bible students very soon. We are teaching Fundamental Baptist doctrines and especially for those whoa re called to preach as full time Gospel preachers. India is closed to all foreign missionaries. So we are training and teaching the Bible to the nationals to reach the nearly one billion people you people have dedicated their lives and are learning the word of God. Pray for the national Preacher boys. "How shall they preach, except they be sent" (Rom. 10:15)

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