Printing Ministry

We print New Testaments, Bibles, and Gospel Tracts, 
Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, to distribute in 
the villages, tribal areas, cities, and suburbs, free of 
charge as God provides. We reach the people with 
God's word and bring them to Jesus. Praise the Lord! It 
has been said by the people of Communist China, 
"Missionaries taught  us to read and write, but 
Communists gave us literature to read." Today, most of 
th countries around India are closed to the Gospel of 
Jesus Christ. We cannot distribute the Gospel publicly in 
China, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi 
Arabia, Iran, or Iraq. Many Christians are trying to 
smuggle gospel tracts into these places; but India is 
open for the Gospel. We can distribute Gospel literature 
and preach on any street corner. Te tragedy is that we 
don't have enough Gospel tracts and literature for 
distribution India. We not only need literature in Evey 
Indian language, but we need literature in Arabic, 
Russian, Chinese, Nepalese, and Tibetan to distribute 
to the thousands of people who come to India as tourists 
and businessmen, and for religious tour. This is a great 
opportunity for spreading th Good News of Jesus Christ. 
Please pray for our need of "Offset Printing Press."

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